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Printed for you from the St. Mary's of Michigan website on 08/30/16
Bed Racing Rules
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Bed Racing Rules

Rules for Bed Construction

  1. Dimensions:
    Length: Minimum – 6 ft. (180 cm) and Maximum – 7 ft. (210 cm)
    Width: Minimum – 3 ft. (90 cm) and Maximum – 4 ft. (120 cm)
  2. Construction: The bed must be constructed in a fashion that all four pushers must be able to see the race course in front of the bed when they are pushing the bed. The frame of the bed does not need to be of an original bed. The bed must have the team name clearly displayed.
  3. A mattress is not required but some form of covering is required so the rider cannot fall through. Foam mattresses, car seats, surfboards, etc. are examples of acceptable coverings. Personal safety must be a top priority when considering the transportation of the rider.
  4. Bed must have four (4) wheels, no more or less, and be designed so that all four wheels contact the ground at all times. They may be fixed or swivel. Wheels of any size may be used and all wheels do not need to be the same size.
  5. One of the most fun parts of a bed race is building your own bed and putting it to use, but if a team is not able to build a bed, a "rental” bed may be available for the race. Please contact Volunteer Services at 989.907.8920 by June 1, 2014, to see if bed rentals are still available.
  6. Propulsion: Handles are required and may not protrude more than 12 inches from each side of the bed. All handles are to be designed for safety with no sharp objects or jagged edges allowed. The bed is to be propelled by human energy only. No bed may have motorized or mechanical means of motion. All means of motion is limited to race team members. The bed cannot have any means of propulsion or brakes other than provided by the runners.
  7. Identification and Decoration: Names, advertising, slogans or logos may be part of the bed (provided they are in good taste), securely mounted and do not interfere with safe operation of the bed. The team name must be displayed and securely attached to the bed so that it is visible by judges and race officials. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that these stay attached during the parade and throughout the race. Decorations may be removed from the bed for racing, but the team name must be clearly identifiable on the bed. Beds must be designed in good taste, no obscene items.
  8. St. Mary’s reserves the right to approve each bed race team registration and to reject those that are not consistent with the mission and values of the hospital.

Team Rules

  1. A race team consists of five (5) people, 18 years or older.  The team will consist of one (1) rider, who must ride on top of the bed and four (4) runners to propel the bed. Substitute runners are permitted for the same team.
  2. Only one member of the team, the rider, must be on the bed at all times.  Bed may not be pulled, only pushed from the sides and/or back.
  3. Runners are responsible for stopping their beds.
  4. A protective helmet must be worn by the bed rider during the race.  Standard CSA sporting helmets will suffice.  This requirement will be enforced by race officials. Bed riders without helmets will be disqualified. All other team members are strongly encouraged to wear appropriate helmets.  Helmets will be available for purchase at the race if needed.
  5. All participants will conduct themselves according to the highest standards of sportsmanship – particularly in regard to other competitors.  Race competitors must obey instructions from all race officials (starters, timekeepers and marshals, etc.).  There must be no deliberate obstruction of beds during the race.  All participants must sign the Waiver of Liability at the time of registration.  
  6. Your safety is very important to us. Please wear good running shoes or sufficient footwear for running, along with suitable attire for the weather conditions.  Be aware that accidents may occur such as falling down on pavement, scrapes, bruises, tripping, collisions, etc.  Safety gear to avoid such hazards is recommended. No flip flops are allowed to be worn by racers during race.


  1. All teams must participate in the bed parade to qualify for race.
  2. In order to qualify for a race time, most team members except the rider must be in contact with the ground when crossing the line.  Failure to cross the line as a team will result in disqualification.
  3. The Amazing Bed Race will run rain or shine.  In the case of extreme inclement weather (e.g. lightning); the Amazing Bed Race will be on a 15-minute monitored weather delay.
  4. A winner is declared through a bracket system.  The winner from each race will move through the bracket system until a final winner is determined.
  5. Race judges reserve the right to disqualify any team for unsportsmanlike conduct or breach of rules.

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