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Printed for you from the St. Mary's of Michigan website on 08/30/16
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News Release Date : 02/24/2011

Heart Pillow Project

Recently, two local quilting groups have been inspired to help others, specifically St. Mary's of Michigan breast cancer patients. The groups have created many handmade heart pillows that help increase the comfort of patients after breast cancer surgery.
Known as the "Heart Pillow Project," the special heart-shaped pillows are made by hand and are designed to be placed under the arm to ease some pain from the surgical incision and tension. The pillows can be placed under the armpit to provide cushion while patients are in bed and they can be placed on the chest while in a car to provide comfort with seat belt use to help with accidental bumps.
Pictured above is Sheri Verzinski, administrative assistant at Towne Centre, receiving the pillows from Karen Withers, she is with The Mayville Loose Threads Quilt Club. Her group has donated more than 40 heart pillows for our breast cancer patients.
For the past several months, there has been another active quilting group lead by Mary Jane Sanford that donated pillows for our breast cancer patients also.
Both quilting groups are happy to continue to donate based on need.
The heart pillow provides many benefits. It gives women, families, and patients the opportunity to help in a positive way and to focus on doing something good for, and connecting, with other breast cancer patients. With this gift, they know they are not alone and others are thinking of them.

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