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Printed for you from the St. Mary's of Michigan website on 08/24/16
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News Release Date : 04/05/2011

HD Video Equipment Makes Its Way Into OR

If you've visited an electronics store recently you can't help but notice that we are in the midst of a HD revolution. High definition is the most significant change to occur in video systems since the move from black and white to color decades ago. This revolution has moved into the operating rooms of some hospitals, now including ours, with the introduction of HD endoscopic camera systems. This addition requires all the peripheral products, such as displays and recorders to be updated as well.
The main operating rooms are in the midst of receiving a new state-of-the-art video equipment system, funded in part by the Foundation. This new technology is comprised of a new scope camera, 26-inch HDTV monitor and a video capturing device.
"Each of these components, anticipated to be in use next month, has many advantages over the equipment currently being used in the OR," says Bernie Jore, Surgical Services Director.
The new scope camera is unique because of its ability to wirelessly transmit to a new 26-inch flat panel monitor, a much-desired upgrade from the 19-inch monitor currently being used. The wireless transmission from the scope to the monitor eliminates the 30-foot DVI cable used to connect the camera to a monitor. The scope also has an improved depth of focus and edge-to-edge clarity giving the surgeon a clearer picture of what is going on inside an incision.
Unlike the current light source being used on the scope, the new source's bulb does not require changing making it cost saving and Eco-friendly by eliminating hazardous environmental waste. The source also goes into standby mode if it becomes disconnected from the scope. This makes it safer for the patient, surgeon and OR staff.
Much like TeVo, the new video capture device allows surgeons to record a surgery in high-definition on the device's hard drive and play it back at a later time. While it is recording, the device can also simultaneously take photos, storing on a separate channel from the video. Once the surgery is complete, a DVD can also be made using the built-in burner.
"The introduction of HD technology to the operating room is exciting," says Bernie. "With the implementation of this new equipment, we will have the most up-to-date video technology in the area."

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