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Printed for you from the St. Mary's of Michigan website on 12/21/14
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News Release Date : 04/06/2006

Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Arrives at St. Mary's of Michigan

St. Maryís of Michigan has become the only medical center north of Flint to offer the worldís most advanced cancer treatment system available.Ē Thereís nothing beyond this anywhere," says Dr. Michael Cappelli, radiation oncologist at the Seton Cancer Institute.

Itís called TomoTherapy and, unlike traditional radiation therapies, the TomoTherapy System is the first device to provide 3-D imaging immediately prior to each treatment to verify the location of a patientís tumor. Radiation is then delivered via a beam in a helical pattern, which means from any point in a 360 degree radius around the patient.

This enables more accurate and more precise treatment of the tumor. Traditional therapies can only project onto the tumor from a few different directions. Traditional radiation therapies often require a patient to transfer between several different stations to receive treatment, which takes time.

TomoTherapy enables the clinician to plan, verify and deliver treatment in one system. It can also reduce the chance of errors since all patient information is contained in one unit, and it reduces patient treatment time.

The ability to do 3-D imaging immediately before each treatment to verify the location of a tumor also increases precision. Often between treatments a patientís tumor can move. So by verifying before each treatment, a patientís tumor can be precisely targeted increasing accuracy of delivery. "It is beyond state-of-the-art,"says Dr. Cappelli.

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