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Printed for you from the St. Mary's of Michigan website on 08/24/16
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News Release Date : 06/18/2007

Sister JoAnn Cuscurida Celebrates 50th Jubilee

Sister JoAnn Cuscurida
St. Mary’s of Michigan Board of Directors Chairman Sister JoAnn Cuscurida is celebrating her 50th Jubilee this month.  In addition to her 50 years as a Daughter of Charity, she also serves as a mentor and spiritual guide to the entire St. Mary’s of Michigan organization.  Sister Cuscurida has been Board Chairman since 1988 and she also has an extensive background in the health care industry.  She is a registered nurse and has a Masters Degree in Nursing Administration from DePaul University.  She is also the recipient of the prized Wharton School of Business Nursing Executive Fellowship.

"It is in no small part due to Sister JoAnn that St. Mary’s of Michigan is the shining jewel it is today,” says St. Mary’s of Michigan President and CEO Fleury Yelvington.  “I would like to thank Sister JoAnn for her guidance and friendship.  Her presence at our medical center provides the foundation for our service to the poor

Sister JoAnn was recently honored at a ceremony and mass in Evansville, Indiana, the regional headquarters for the Daughters of Charity.

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