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800 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
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Why Choose CyberKnife

Total Clinical Accuracy
CyberKnife has proven to be the most accurate, real-time, image-guided robotic radiosurgery system in the world. it is so precise, radiation beams can conform to small, complex-shaped tumors while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

100% Frameless
The combination of the image-guidance system and the multi-jointed robotic arm allows the system to compensate for patient movement, sparing patients from the pain and inconvenience associated with the conventional head frame that is fixed to the patient's skull.

Painless Surgery
CyberKnife allows patients to be treated in a unique radiosurgery suite where painless surgery is performed with no incisions, no blood, no anesthesia and no recovery time.

Better Quality of Life
The simple outpatient CyberKnife procedure allows patients to undergo their treatment and immediately resume normal activities.

Our Experts
The CyberKnife experts at St. Mary's of Michigan are sought out by patients around the country and even in Canada. They are extensions of the renowned neurosciences and cancer team here, and bring decades of experience to this healing-edge procedure. 

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