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Landing Zone
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Landing Zone

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800 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
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Landing Zones

To ensure landing site safety, please observe the following guidelines.
  • Daytime: Flat area 100 x 100 feet
  • Night/high winds: Flat area 150 x 150 feet
  • Sites should be free of overhead obstructions (wires, trees & signs) and ground debris (trash cans, twigs and ambulance sheets) and be as level as possible.
  • Rotary beacons of emergency vehicles should be left on to help the pilot identify the general location. However, do not shine lights upward toward the aircraft.
  • Night landing zones must be identified by emergency vehicle beacons; crisscrossed low-beam auto headlights, or light sticks that are well secured to the ground.
  • Keep people at least 100 feet from the landing zone.
  • Always approach the helicopter from the front and only after signaled to do so by the pilot and/or medical team.
  • Never approach the helicopter from the rear or from the uphill side of the aircraft.
  • There should be absolutely no smoking or running within 100 feet of the helicopter.
  • Secure all medical items,. Never bring loose sheets or raised I. V. poles into the landing zone.
  • Remain with the patient. The medical flight team will come to you.
  • The flight team is responsible for loading and unloading equipment and patients.
  • Please do not assist the flight team in opening or closing the helicopter doors. 

Additional information can be found in the St. Mary's of Michigan TAG (Transfer Assistance Guidelines) Manual.


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