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Rehabilitation Services
Inpatient Services
Outpatient Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Health Psychology
Lymphedema Management
Cancer Rehabilitation
Work Hardening/FCE
Sports Specific Rehab
Cardiac Rehabilitation

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800 S. Washington Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48601
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Rehabilitation Testimonials

"The staff at St. Mary’s of Michigan Birch Run Rehabilitation helped me and my husband so much! The exercises are all ones that I can do at home. No specific equipment needed except the exercise bands which they give you. They are very caring and knowledgeable. They give you 100% of their time. Most people complain about going to therapy, we both looked forward to going.” 
–Nancy & John of Mt. Morris

"The skill level and care I received from St. Mary’s of Michigan Chesaning Rehabilitation was second to none. The program was tailored to my needs. The experience was more relaxed and enjoyable than previous programs I have been in, yet still very intense and helpful.”
–David of Chesaning

"When I have been to therapy in the past it seemed like they only focused on one little area but not at St. Mary’s of Michigan Gratiot Rehabilitation, they treated me as a whole person. They explained the body as a whole and how all different areas were affected by what I was doing. Mary Lynn is very knowledgeable in her work and her confidence put me in a comfortable place. I tried to absorb as much knowledge as I could from her.” 
–Jillian of Saginaw Township

"St. Mary’s of Michigan Spine and Rehabilitation has the best therapy team I have ever worked with. The care is comprehensive, thorough, aggressive, and you are encouraged to work hard and be an active partner in your recovery. They gave me tips on how to maintain the improvements I have made and how to prevent reoccurrences. They truly are a high quality team.” 
–Rick of Midland

"St. Mary’s of Michigan Vassartakes the time with you and your needs. This has been the best care I received since my surgery. I have improved so much here. The staff provides excellent care and they have great personalities.” 
–Debra of Millington

Gait Analysis Program

Deb's Story

"I was seven weeks away from participating in The Boston Marathon when I was injured.  I was devastated by the news from the orthopedic surgeon but thankfully she knew just the right person to refer me to for my Physical Therapy.  She scheduled me to see Brent Betzold at St. Mary'sofMichigan Spine & Rehabilitation Center. 

The moment that I met Brent I knew I was in the right place.  It was evident in his thorough assessment and running analysis just how much knowledge and experience he has."
"One of the things I liked most is Brent wanted to know what my goal was in therapy, and he helped me reach it.  Throughout my treatment Brent was very encouraging and positive. I really admire his passion and commitment with my case.   He worked with me several times each week, and sent me home with new strengthening exercises which kept things moving in the right direction.  There was a genuine concern for my progress.  I did improve steadily and regained my confidence.   

I am forever grateful. Not only did Brent help me to get to the starting line... I was able to cross the finish line in Boston!"

Deb utilized the St. Mary's of Michigan Gait Analysis program to get back on her feet after her injury. Click here to learn about our program and what it can do for you!

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